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All individual coaching programs begin with a thorough assessment of the golfer, their golf, their objectives, the level of their commitment and their fitness. This lasts for 60 minutes and is essential for me and the golfer regardless of their level or experience.

I firmly believe that only when a coach really understands the golfer in front of him, can he truly expect to help that golfer reach their potential. It goes back to the old tailor’s mantra.....’measure twice, cut once’.

Each golfer is monitored whilst hitting shots with a variety of clubs, and video of the swing is taken. Once I have watched enough shots to give me the overview that I need, I will take the golfer to our video viewing room to analyse the swing in detail together and to create their improvement program. Video is played back at 50/60 frames per second which enables me to accurately track the movements of the golf club through even the fastest areas of the swing. The swing is analysed from a variety of angles, and in a multitude of different areas and can be compared to elite golfers swings to give the golfer a comparison to work with.

Only when the golfer is clear and happy with what we are going to work on, will we return to the range to start on the initial areas of their plan.

When compiling their plan, I will take certain things into account:

What can I improve that will REALLY make a difference to this golfers performance.
What are the PRIORITY areas that need to improve.
Can this golfer change this area successfully and without causing a negative effect.
Will they, with 100% certainty, be a better golfer for making this change.

If any areas that I have identified in my analysis fulfil all these criteria, then it forms part of the golfers plan. Generally, this is no more than 1 or 2 swing areas, some short game, on course coaching and potentially, some fitness exercises.

In my mind, this GUARANTEES success!

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Video analysis

The use of video analysis software is a very effective in helping improve technique and more and more golf coaches are using video feedback as a coaching aid. Video can very quickly help golfers to understand the basic fundamentals of a specific movement and because of its ability to provide golfers with immediate performance feedback, the use of video software is an essential analysis tool for today’s golf coach.

Video analysis is used as standard at the assessment stage of any individual coaching program that I undertake. It gives me the opportunity to analyse in much finer detail, the workings of a golfers swing, but also helps the pupil grasp how we need to develop their technique. The state of the art video analysis software that I use works at a higher rate of frames per second which gives more accurate feedback and will provide a clearer picture to the pupil of their swing faults and the improvement needed to develop.

Each pupil will have their swings kept in a video library to refer back to a later stage to monitor improvement. I will email the swings from each lesson along with some practice notes to the golfer so that they also have a record of their development which can be viewed on FREE viewing software available from the creators of my software at ‘Quintic player’ is available in the download section.

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Swing Coaching

Once a video assessment has taken place, a personalised improvement plan will be created to put structure behind your route to better golf. For the swing section, I endeavour to coach you in a simple but highly effective process that minimizes any downturn in performance whilst changes are being made, but maximizes the end result, Improving your golf.

Firstly, I am committed to making the most of what a golfer already possesses, not trying to turn them into a golfer that they are unable to be.

I will also take into account any physical limitations identified through my detailed screening done at assessment stage, so that what I aim to coach you is something that I know you are physically and practically capable of achieving.

I will then coach you through this transitional period in a simple and clear way. I focus on one area at any one time and ensure that we have achieved the desired result before moving on. I use practice drills that you can use outside of coaching sessions so that you can make the most of your practice time and will structure the lesson regularity to ensure you have time to really work effectively on your swing before we move forward.

This way of conducting my coaching has been giving me success for some time and seems to give my students an easier passage through a period of change with less disruption to successful golf than they have experienced before.

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Short game Coaching

Virtually every personalised improvement program that I create for my pupils will involve some short game work. For most golfers, only 40% of the game is played with the full swing and the remaining 60% is made up of the short game, that’s pitching, chipping, bunker shots and putting. For this reason, improving the short game is often the fastest and easiest ways to lower scores.

My ethos for coaching the short game is functionality. Creating something that works. The short game is based largely around ‘feel and judgement’ and it is essential that the golfer has the means to practice and improve this, alongside their technique. This certainly doesn’t happen when bogged down with technical overload! For most golfers, the priority is to develop 4 key skills in the short game:

  • The ability to hit a high flying shot usable from a variety of distances.
  • The ability to play a low running shot, giving greater accuracy from short range.
  • The ability to get out of bunkers successfully.
  • The ability to generally take 2 putts per hole.

With these simple skills that can be learnt relatively easily, the golfer will be eradicating a large proportion of the errors in their game.

I have created coaching and practice routines to suit the needs of golfers of all levels, with programs for beginners to give them the tools to hit simple but effective short shots, ranging right up to specialist short shot development programs for elite golfers who require a much higher level of accuracy and consistency. These programs have now been made more accessible by the introduction of my new Short Game Group Clinics.
If you are costing yourself shots with your short game, or feel you don’t possess the basic skills listed above, then you MUST devote time to working on your short game. I am confident that I can help you improve your short shots and as a result, significantly improve your scores.

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Group Coaching Lessons for Adults
Group Lessons are a fun and relaxed way to learn golf at a lower cost to individual lessons and also meet other people of a similar level. I have Group Lessons for all who are looking to learn or improve their golf.
The various groups are:
·      Beginners
·      Improvers
·      Ladies
·      Seniors 
Beginners' Course
This course is aimed at complete beginners or those who have only played a little and want to start with the basics. With a 4 week course of 1 hour sessions you will learn the basics of a good set-up and then develop your swing, finishing with some coaching on putting.
The course consists of:
·      4 weekly lessons of 1 hour each.
·      Maximum of 8 people in a group
·      A step-by-step guide to the basics of golf from the grip to the full swing.
·      Daytime and evening courses to suit you.

Improvers' Course
The improvers course is aimed at those who have mastered the basics and want to learn more advanced techniques for wood and iron play and the short game.
The course provides:
·      4 lessons of 1 hour each.
·      Maximum of 8 in a group.
·      The opportunity to meet other aspiring golfers, perhaps arrange a round of golf.
·      Day-time and evening courses to suit you.

Ladies and Seniors Classes
These are more informal sessions. They are aimed at all abilities and offer a great chance to socialize and learn in a relaxed environment.
·      1 hour sessions.
·      Maximum of 8 in a group.
·      The opportunity to meet like-minded golfers and perhaps arrange a round of golf.
·      Different topics covered each week to give all-round improvement of the game.


For some time, I have been fully committed to the development of junior golf and have established my popular ‘Junior program’ to help nurture each child’s golfing ability in a safe and fun learning environment.

Each Junior Golfer has the opportunity to be coached, monitored  and tested on various skills across a series of 6 week courses. Over the course of each 6 week course, we commit to developing each child’s golfing skills, knowledge of the rules of golf and awareness of the moral values associated with the game. To achieve certification at each level, they will be coached and tested on the set-up position, the swing technique, the short game, the rules, etiquette and will even be given homework between lessons!

My Junior golf courses start from the age of 4, although I have given lessons to some even younger. Each course will involve children of a similar age and level so that the can develop together as a group. My focus has always been to get the right blend of good instruction coupled with a fun and enjoyable atmosphere throughout the sessions. This allows the children to express themselves more freely and therefore experience rapid improvement.

Is Your Child the next Tiger Woods?

Please contact me for any more details. I look forward to helping your child develop their golfing skills.

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Golf Clinic

‘I have always found John’s lessons to be thoroughly professional, with coaching points delivered in a clear and easy to understand manner coupled with humour and enthusiasm. My understanding of my own swing and shot making has improved way beyond what I had hoped. My handicap has improved to 5

Andrew Plumb – Surrey



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