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One of the most significant advances in golf coaching over the last decade is the general awareness of the importance of conditioning the body to become ‘fit for golf’. In years gone by, only the very astute few, realised that by conditioning the body to a state that would allow a more efficient golf swing, would improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Nowadays, with the likes of Tiger Woods, it has been brought much more into the public eye and golfers and golf coaches across the country are becoming involved with this side of golf.

I have spent the last few years learning from the leaders in this field and now utilize my experience in golf fitness to enhance my coaching sessions but also to see my clients away from the golf range to give golf-specific personal training to further help their golf.

In 2003, I qualified as a Golf Biomechanic with the CHEK Institute in the USA. This gave me a great grounding to my knowledge of the body and how it affects the golf swing and in 2004, I gained subsequent qualifications with the CHEK Institute in ‘Scientific Core Conditioning’ and ‘Scientific Back Training’.

Having used this knowledge to set up my own Golf Fitness Clinic in Wimbledon, I have since studied with Ramsey McMaster, consultant to the PGA’s of Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. Most recently, I have attained the title of TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor through The Titleist Performance Institute and it was the learning involved with this course that really bridged the gap between the body and the golf swing.

As a result, whenever taking on new coaching clients, I will as standard, take them through a simple and quick series of physical tests that can be conducted on the driving range. This enables me to ensure that the golfer will be able to accommodate any improvements to their swing that I wish to make, that it is safe to do so, and also if I need to give them any simple corrective exercises that will improve their body’s condition for golf. The ability to do this generates far quicker and easy to implement improvement to their golf game.

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‘In terms of knowledge and professionalism, I would rate John above all other coaches I have had. My golf game is improving significantly as a direct result of implementing John’s coaching as he uses the natural tools I already have to improve accuracy and consistency’

Aaron Grantham – Teddington



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